Controlled Vocabularies

The following controlled vocabularies are used on this site. Click a vocabulary short name for more details.

Short NameVocabulary Name(s)DescriptionLoaded Terms
CO_010germplasm_ontologyCrop Germplasm Ontology4
dataEDAMBioinformatics operations, data types, formats, identifiers and topics.20
dcdcDCMI Metadata Terms.1
EFOefoExperimental Factor Ontology4
EROeroThe Eagle-I Research Resource Ontology2
GObiological_process, molecular_function, cellular_component45,017
hydrahydraA Vocabulary for Hypermedia-Driven Web APIs6
IAOIAOThe Information Artifact Ontology (IAO).3
locallocal, organism_property, analysis_property, tripal_phylogeny, featuremap_units, featurepos_property, featuremap_property, library_property, library_type, project_property, study_property, tripal_analysis, nd_experiment_types, nd_geolocation_propertyTerms created for this site.82
NCBITaxonncbitaxonNCBI organismal classification.1
NCITncitNCI Thesaurus OBO Edition.20
nullnull, chado_propertiesNo online database.2
OBCSOBCSOntology of Biological and Clinical Statistics.1
OBIobiThe Ontology for Biomedical Investigation.2
OGIogiOntology for genetic interval.1
operationEDAMA function that processes a set of inputs and results in a set of outputs, or associates arguments (inputs) with values (outputs). Special cases are: a) An operation that consumes no input (has no input arguments).5
rdfsrdfsResource Description Framework Schema3
SBOsboSystems Biology.3
sepsepSample processing and separation techniques.2
SIOSIOSemanticscience Integrated Ontology.10
SOsequenceThe sequence ontology.2,233
SWOswoBioinformatics operations, data types, formats, identifiers and topics1
TAXRANKtaxonomic_rankA vocabulary of taxonomic ranks (species, family, phylum, etc)61
TCONTACTtripal_contactTripal Contact Ontology. A temporary ontology until a more formal appropriate ontology an be identified.28
TPUBtripal_pubTripal Publication Ontology. A temporary ontology until a more formal appropriate ontology an be identified.212
UOuoUnits of Measurement Ontology1